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Right Foundations

Avoid frustrations & bad habits; it’s important to start with the right foundations so you won’t have to re-learn your habits.

Holistic approach

At the Guitar School, we take a comprehensive approach, so you’re ready to tackle any challenge that you might face on the guitar in the future.

We make sure to cover chords, tabs, and notation, so it opens up the whole soundscape of guitar playing in different styles.

Our tutors take a holistic approach of covering technique, theory and musicianship.

Experienced, professional tutor

Guitar Lessons Wellington | Portrait Play the Guitar!Experienced, professional tutor with tertiary qualifications in both music and teaching.

Tim is one of the leading classical guitarists in the country with over 20 years of experience on the instrument, and is a member of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet. He has studied at university level under perhaps the best classical guitar tutors in the country, Matthew Marshall and Gunter Herbig, graduating with an Honours degree in classical guitar performance. He is also a trained secondary school teacher, with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching.

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